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wanna whip me??

..whip me hard...

*~[HoUSe oF 1000 cOrsETs]~*
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Welcome to the house of 1000 corsets

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laying down the law

First---everyone can post pictures but when you post pictures they must be behind a cut. Most of you know but for those who don't go here and learn how to before you post. Because I sure as hell don't want to be botherd by it.

Second---if you join, you must post, post at least once and tell us all who you are. Then if you love us post agian because its nice to read what people have to say. and if you don't love us post agian anyways. Because Im sure at least one of us will find whatever you have to say amusing.

Third---be nice and tell people to join it would be a lot more fun if people actually posted even more so if people we don't know posted because then we could be a real community with people from all over the world!!! whos-ray!!

Forth---don't post poetry here. If you absolutely have to put it behind a cut and label it poetry or my stupid poetry. So depending on who you are I can ignore it or read it [only if you're special]. You can once agian learn to put titles in your cut here.

Fith---If I or some of the "special people" don't like you I'll ban you.

Sixth---If I or some of the "special people" don't like what you have to say then I'll delete it, and possible ban you. If I really don't like you I'll post links to your journal and let everyone make fun of you.

Seventh---if you absoluetly have to post Anonymously then put your name in the post. if you don't I will ban Anonymous posting.

Eigth---Be nice to all of the people here if they bother you tell either lady_of_diadems or a1fanum3ric, and we will take care of them for you if they need to be taken care of.

Questions or comments? contact the owners lady_of_diadems or a1fanum3ric do so but we might not like you. And remember we bite....hard.